Liivimaa Maapäev

Medieval political gatherings revived in Valga on 13th July

On 13th of July Valga Museum revives medieval political gatherings that took place in Valga in 15th and16th centuries. Festival takes place in Säde park in Valga.    

Traditional culture celebration “Liivimaa Maapäev” (ingl Livonian Diet) introduces medieval heritage and lifestyle. In the centre of the event is the historical Livonian Diet which was at the most important gathering of the heads of medieval church, landlords, merchants and German Order at time. During the gatherings the most relevant Old-Livonian issues were discussed and agreements between different social standings were made.

Headliner of the celebration is ethnic trance band Auli from Latvia. Medieval dances and music are brought to audience by Saltatores Revalienses and Rondellus (Estonia). Medieval culture is introduced through demonstrations of sword-fighting and re-enactment. Host of the event is Jaanus Rohumaa.

In workshops guests can learn medieval skills like leather tanning, crafting a purse of fish skin, making a leather wristband or bone ornaments. A blacksmith demonstrates it’s working methods and tools. Guests can try on medieval garments and stage a historical scene with medieval torture instruments. If desired a photo can be taken and printed on site. For the delight of all children ponies are available for petting and riding. Elderly can seek help for their health issues from medieval pharmacy. Food and drinks are served by Vanamõisa Toitlustus and children’s cafe.

The whole event takes place in a medieval atmosphere. The guests are very much encouraged to wear medieval costumes – come as a pope, bishop, merchant or peasant! 

You are very welcome to the medieval celebration “Liivimaa Maapäev” that takes place on 13th of July in Säde park behind the Valga Museum (Vabaduse 8, Valga).

Ticket: adult 5€, child 2€

More information: FB event Ajastupidu Liivimaa Maapäev